Roanoke Valley Junior Golf Association

2017  Tournament Schedule


 Saturday, March 18 - Hunting Hills CC

Saturday, March 25 - Hidden Valley CC

Saturday, April 1 - Roanoke CC

Saturday, April 8 - Ashley Plantation GC

Saturday, April 22 - Blacksburg CC

   Tour Championship

 Saturday, May 6 - Blue Hills GC & Sunday, May 7 - Westlake GC



Roanoke Valley Junior Golf Association Details:

Annual Association Fee: $65 

Tournament Entry Fees:

  $20.00 Per 9-Hole Tournaments (9 Hole & 5 Hole Tournaments)

  $25.00 Per 18-Hole Tournaments



Age Groups

       Boys 15-18 – Standard Blue Tees

       Boys 13-14 -  Standard White Tees - Approximately 3000 yards

       Boys 11-12 -  Standard Red Tees - Approximately 2600 yards

       Boys 9-10 – Standard Red Tees Modified - Approximately 2200 yards

       Girls 15-18 – Standard Red Tees

       Girls 13-14 - Standard Red Tees - Approximately 2600 yards

       Girls 11-12 – Standard Red Tees Modified - Approximately 2200 yards

       Girls 9-10   - PGA Family Tees - Level II - Approximately 1900 yards

       Coed 8 & Under - PGA Family Tees – Level I - 5 HOLES

                            (Average Length - Par 3’s- 65, Par 4- 125, Par 5- 200)


Tee Times

       - Tee Times will change each week based on the golf course's availability.  The older age groups will be assigned tee times before the younger age groups.  All tournaments are scheduled to start in the afternoon at approximately 1:00



Point System


Roanoke Valley Junior Golf Association
Spring Golf Tour
Point System 2017


100 Points …………….. 1st Place in each age group
80 Points ……………….. 2nd Place in each age group
70 Points ……………….. 3rd Place in each age group
60 Points ……………….. 4th Place in each age group
50 Points ……………….. 5th Place in each age group
40 Points ……………….. 6th Place in each age group
30 Points ……………….. 7th Place in each age group
20 Points ……………….. 8th Place in each age group
18 Points …………..….. 9th Place in each age group
16 Points …………..….. 10th Place in each age group
** Season Ending Championship DOUBLE points are awarded
  • Player with the most points in each age group will make the RVJGA All-Star Team.
  • When players tie in a tournament the points will be split regardless of playoff outcome. 
  • Ties for the season ending point competition will be decided by each players finish in the “Tour Championship”


Entry Deadline:

2 Days Prior to Tournament - Players may sign up after the deadline for an additional $10 late fee

Cancellation Policy:

Full refund if cancelled before entry deadline
Refunds will not be issued once tee times are published

Tee Times:

All Tee Times will begin in the afternoon with the older age groups playing first.
Tee Times will be available online @ or by calling the host club the day before the tournament.


Caddies are ONLY ALLOWED for juniors playing in the 8& Under , 9-10 and 11- 12 Age Groups.  Caddies may ride carts and carry bag but players must walk and can only ride between holes.  Players may use pull carts unless the course does not allow them.

Dress Code:

Spectators and Juniors must abide by each club’s dress code. Several clubs do not allow denim. Please check with each club for their dress code to avoid any problems.

Golf Carts:

Some courses will allow spectator carts to be rented. Spectator carts must remain on cart paths at all times




  • Dave Lamanca
  • Bright Services
  • Scott Robertson Memorial Tournament
  • Junior Golf Foundation of Virginia
  • ShotStat